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The New Way For Coaches & Consultants To
Keep Clients Engaged
Within A Centralized Office

As more and more coaches are going remote, it’s time for you to have a dedicated area working with remote clients and teams.
Imagine a Virtual Space that is branded, secured and has all that you need to coach and deliver results for your clients.

Ideal For Connecting Remotely With Clients

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Everything in one place within a click of a button for your clients?

Your own interactive platform for all your client management and training that can be customised and fully branded to fit your needs:

Collaborative Coaching

Build accountability for your clients and encourage collaboration with video-based spaces.

Live Webinars For Prospects

Host an interactive meeting with your clients using the Webinar video room where you can also chat.

Private Coaching Rooms

Create multiple private video rooms where you can coach your clients as if you were in the same room.

Knowledge Library

A collaborative knowledge library that grows and evolves with you, so you can always keep your insights and strategies current for your clients

Video Library

Nurture a library of easy to access videos, from any source, to inspire and train your clients.

Coaching Training Documents

Share your materials such as presentations, worksheets, videos, webinars and more with coaching clients, all in one place.

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Donna Cavalier

It is an absolutely gorgeous experience. Perfectly implemented. It’s just spectacular. Kudos!

Lawrence Ladomery

I love how I’m able to hop in and out of video chats and discuss stuff without jumping between WhatsApp chats and Zoom links!

Take a Short Tour Through Your New Client Coaching Space

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Manage your clients in 1 space.
Your Coaching Virtual Office:

The Old Way

You and your clients are jumping between tools, sharing links, and trying to bridge communication gaps only to create more of them.

The New Way

Manage all your coaching sessions from the same space. Your clients will have easy access to all the valuable information you provide, all in one place.

How does it work?

Step 1: Choose your components

Build your own space in minutes

Choose and customise the rooms (or “Components”) that are included in your space to craft a unique experience for your clients
Choose From:

And more…

Step 2: Craft your registration page and create Access

Your clients will register and gain immediate access to your secure virtual coaching space

Access can be given through your client registration page and you can apply user access to registered  members.

You can even invite your team members, prospects and partners for meetings and training.

When ready, push the big red button to launch your virtual private practice.

Step 3: Run meetings, webinars and deliver value to your clients.

Video & Chat rooms power your day to day activity, without needing to share another Zoom or Slack link ever again

You can schedule group coaching sessions or your clients can schedule private coaching sessions and join the video rooms in the perfect coaching & consulting space.

Step 4: Manage your Space

Be the perfect host

While the clients are enjoying an unparalleled virtual experience, you can track your activity, clients behaviour and moderate the chat communications.

The host panel gives you all the power you need to build, run and grow your coaching space so that your Waahi can evolve with your vision and goals.

In this new world order, Waahi is your destination

Get started to explore how Waahi is the place for you to coach, train, socialise and build communities.

Fully Customisable

Keep your vision and brand at the center of attention with our white label and customisation options.

Zero Commuting

With your own Waahi. The office experience can be yours. No commuting, always on and always connecting.

No Jumping Around

Pickup where they left off though a recurring session room with your clients or your team.

Up and Running within MINUTES

Grab your opportunity to simplify your team collboration with a customisable Waahi Space
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Your Virtual Office Coaching & Consulting Components

Build your virtual coaching office with our unique components which allow you to build your own virtual space within minutes.

Group Video Coaching

Where you can host group coaching calls and engage with clients using the chat. Kind of like your office Lobby.

Webinar Room

Broadcast Live to different rooms within your space where attendees watch. Similar to "stages & crowd sitting" set up.

Private Messaging

Allowing clients to message and share files with each other privately. Imagine your own Coaching Facebook Messanger.

Private registation

Allow authorized members to join at different levels. This is your gateway to your virtual office

Learning & Discussions

Build a library of topics to document and include resources. Your clients can also participate and join conversations.

Video Directories

Embed videos from YouTube, Vimeo and Wistia to create a library of on-demand content. Like a library room or study.

Live Chat

For those too shy to appear on video, they can join the conversation via the live chat that appears next to every video call.

Your Own Domain

You can brand and white label everything, you can even connect your own domain. Choosing your space's address.

Advanced Analytics

Perform data-driven decisions with advanced analytics and reports to increase engagement within your space.

Take control

Integrate your Waahi into your Day to Day practices to coach and share resources with your clients.

No need for a separate app

Waahi is Mobile ready

“Make it work on my mobile but, I don’t want my users to have to download an APP and I want my brand at the forefront not something else.”

Every room within your space is optimised for mobile devices, allowing your members to join from any tablet or phone, on top of their laptop/desktop, of course.

Limited Spots Availalble

We will notify you when we are ready for you – No obligations or long term contracts.

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