Ideal For Connecting Remote Teams

Increase Productivity and Accountability with Your Own Virtual Office

Working together increases productivity. During these times when we cannot see each other face to face, Waahi answers the call to team working and collaboration – perfectly. 

In this new reality, Waahi opens up your world

Your own interactive platform for all your team gatherings and training that can be customised and fully branded to fit your needs:

Team Based Offices

Build accountability and encourage collaboration with shared video-based spaces. Together, we work much more effectively.


Gather for group meetings in boardrooms. Chair a meeting, announce company news and make decisions based on real time conversations.

Private Offices

Create video rooms where you can network and chat with each other as if you were in the same room.

Internal Training

Product & brand communities, company retreats, associations and unions.

Knowledge Library

Build an intranet for all your colleagues to catch up on learning and company policy.

Video Room

Live broadcasts, key notes or just some entertainment throughout the working day.

Reserve Your Spot

Join us now and request early access to the latest technology in community building.

Donna Cavalier

It is an absolutely gorgeous experience. Perfectly implemented. It’s just spectacular. Kudos!

Lawrence Ladomery

I love how I’m able to hop in and out video chats and discuss stuff.

How does it work?

Step 1: Choose your components

Build your own space in minutes

Choose and customise the rooms (or “Components”) that are included in your Waahi to craft a unique experience for your colleagues
Choose From:

And more…

Step 2: Craft your registration page and create Access

Your team will register and gain immediate access to all your space

Access can be given through your team registration page and you can apply user access to registered team members.
When ready, push the big red button to launch your Waahi!

Step 3: Build your network (invite members)

Build your network (invite members)

Now that you are live – Invite and promote your Waahi to build a thriving virtual community of colleagues allowing them to network through the video hangouts to form better working relationships.

Keep updating your schedule with activities to engage with your colleagues and strengthen their connection to each other and your brand.

Step 4: Manage your Space

Be the perfect host

While the team are enjoying an unparalleled virtual experience, you can track your activity, members behaviour and moderate the chat communications.

The host panel gives you all the power you need to build, run and grow your team working space so that your Waahi can evolve with your vision and goals.

In this new world order, Waahi is your destination

Get started to explore how Waahi is the place for you to meet, greet, socialise and build communities.

Fully Customisable

Keep your vision and brand at the center of attention with our white label and customisation options.

Zero Commuting

With your own Waahi. The office experience can be yours. No commuting, always on and always connecting.

No Jumping Around

1 platform for a seamless flow throughout your online team working experience.

We're Launching Soon

Grab your opportunity to simplify your online gatherings with a customisable Waahi Space 

Your Space Components

Build your virtual office with our unique components which allow you to build your own virtual space within minutes.

Main Hall

The main entry and access point of the rooms you enabled within your space. Kind of like your Lobby.

Live Sessions

Broadcast Live to different rooms within your space where attendees watch. Similar to "stages & crowd sitting" set up.

Virtual Booths

Allowing members to win prizes and engage with the sponsor or vendor via live video. Imagine tradeshow booths.

Video Hangouts

Members can visit rooms to join different video calls. For example "the bar/lounge" or different offices & boardrooms.

Learning & Discussions

Build a library of topics to document and include resources. Members can also contribute and join conversations.

Video Directories

Embed videos from YouTube, Vimeo and Wistia to create a library of on-demand content. Like a library room or study.

Private registation

Allow authorised members to join at different levels. This is your gateway to your virtual office

Partners & Offers

Showcase your partners or share special offers or links with your members. This is a kind of an interactive bulletin board.

Live Chat

For those too shy to appear on video, they can join the conversation via the live chat that appears next to every video call.

Your Own Domain

You can brand and white label everything, you can even connect your own domain. Choosing your space's address.

Take control

Integrate your Waahi into your Day to Day working practices to increase productivity, connections with colleagues and ensure your company works towards building community.

Advanced Analytics

Perform data-driven decisions with advanced analytics and reports to increase engagement within your space.

Book a Demo

Workshops, training, live or recorded speakers, forums and chat rooms

Done for you

Stripe & PayPal

No need for a separate app

Waahi is Mobile ready

“Make it work on my mobile but, I don’t want my users to have to download an APP and I want my brand at the forefront not something else.”

Every room within your space is optimised for mobile devices, allowing your members to join from any tablet or phone, on top of their laptop/desktop, of course.

Hook up your marketing tools


Integrate with your preferred marketing or mailing tools to stay in touch with your members.

Connect to Mailchimp, Hubspot, ActiveCampaign and Aweber.

Or, use the Zapier integration to connect to 1,500+ apps with just a few clicks.

Limited Spots Availalble

We will notify you when we are ready for you – No obligations or long term contracts.

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