Do you really need a physical office?

Your own interactive platform for all your team gatherings and training that can be customised and fully branded to fit your needs:

Remove ANY Office Costs

Rent, power, business fees, Wifi, maintenance and equipment cost you at least thousands of dollars per month. With Waahi, these costs are gone!

Reduce Commuting to Zero

The daily average American commute time is 53.2 minutes. With Waahi, you can spend more time with family, watching Netflix or hit the snooze button a couple of times.

Stop Jumping Between Tools

Stop sharing links and login-in to different tools. Waahi will replace WhatsApp, Slack, Zoom, email, Google docs and more, as a unified space for internal team collaboration.

Nurture a Solid Company Culture

Maintaining policies, building a culture and tracking attendance can be hard when managing a remote team. Waahi is designed to keep the team happy and in check.

Let's explore some of the key features of your and your team's new virtual office...

Private and Team Based Offices

Set up private offices or shared spaces for entire departments, allowing you to “tap the shoulder” of your colleague when you need help or their attention during work hours.

Boardroom for Team Wide Gatherings

Schedule group meetings, stand-ups and special occasions to gather as a team within designated “Boardrooms”, allowing each team member to leave their own office and join the huddle with a click of a button.

Broadcast Live Training and Webinars

Invite clients, prospects and partners for training and webinars using the “Stage VS Crowd” live feature. So that only the team members are on the stage while the rest are watching the feed and engaging via chat.

Hans Skillrud – Termageddon

With Waahi we have everything we need right at our fingertips – literally! All of the tools needed for remote teams are there and I can just hop between my team's office to make sure they are on top of things, just like when we were working from a physical space.

Company Knowledge Where You Need it

Countless Google docs and random YouTube videos are the norms when managing company knowledge. With Waahi, you have a designated area for your policies, SOPs and internal training. So nothing gets lost and everything is accessible from the same office space.

External Tools and Video Libraries

Most companies use folders of “unsharable” bookmarks to list the multiple tools and videos that are used to run the company, asking the team to list them but never knowing if this is done. Our Links Room and our Video Library allow you to centralise the important links and videos you need the team to be aware of.

Personal Profiles & Private Messaging

Every team member has their own customisable profile page, feed and private messages, like a little internal Facebook, for quick access to the knowledge base items they follow, 1on1 or group instant messages, private/public file uploading and sharing or just to post what they did on the weekend.
Andrew Palmer – CEO of Somebody’s Hero

I had a hard time managing my remote team. It was difficult to stay in touch with them, and it was hard to get everyone on the same page.

Waahi allows our entire team to work together from anywhere around the world. Now, we're able to communicate more effectively and stay organized so we can focus on what really matters - getting things done!

Build your virtual office with our unique components which allow you to build your own virtual space within minutes.

Main Hall

The main entry and access point of the rooms you enabled within your space. Kind of like your office Lobby.

Live Sessions

Broadcast Live to different rooms within your space where attendees watch. Similar to "stages & crowd sitting" set up.

Private Messaging

Allowing members to message and share files with each other privately. Imagine your own Facebook Messanger.

Video Hangouts

Members can visit rooms to join different video calls. For example "the bar/lounge" or different offices & boardrooms.

Learning & Discussions

Build a library of topics to document and include resources. Members can also contribute and join conversations.

Video Directories

Embed videos from YouTube, Vimeo and Wistia to create a library of on-demand content. Like a library room or study.

Private registation

Allow authorised members to join at different levels. This is your gateway to your virtual office

Partners & Offers

Showcase your partners or share special offers or links with your members. This is a kind of an interactive bulletin board.

Live Chat

For those too shy to appear on video, they can join the conversation via the live chat that appears next to every video call.

Your Own Domain

You can brand and white label everything, you can even connect your own domain. Choosing your space's address.

Take control

Integrate your Waahi into your Day to Day working practices to increase productivity, connections with colleagues and ensure your company works towards building community.

Advanced Analytics

Perform data-driven decisions with advanced analytics and reports to increase engagement within your space.

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