Cool Things To Do With Your Virtual Office Using Waahi

Waahi’s Virtual Office is a new and innovative way to run your business.

It takes the best of the digital and physical worlds, combining them in one seamless experience.

Now that you and your team and enjoying your Virtual Office or even if you’re reading while considering joining us, let’s take things to the next level with a few awesome things you can do to enhance your and your team’s experience with Waahi.

These are a few hidden gems and use cases to stimulate your creativity but I want to give you one rule of thumb so that if you take only one thing from this article, let it be this: Whatever you can do in a physical space, you can do with Waahi.

Now, let’s dive in to see how you can put your and your team’s experience on steroids:

Search for stuff

You and your team can access the different offices, find members to check if they’re online, and tap into the company’s knowledge from anywhere around your Virtual Office.

Click the search icon next to your profile picture and start typing in.

If you’ve properly set up your Knowledgebase and Resources room, the search option is going to be a game-changer for you and your team.

Let’s compare this to how this would work with other systems:

To find a piece of policy or guide or resource that is part of the company’s knowledge, you either need to remember the logins to the documentation software OR browse different physical folders in the records room, OR connect to the shared drive and fiddling around until you find what you need.

Here’s how you can do it in Waahi in 5 seconds:

Schedule Virtual Happy Hour activities

Virtual Happy hours are a great way to build relationships and have some fun with your team. They can be as simple or complex as you want, but here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Organize virtual happy hour food events via the main video hangout room where everyone shares their favorite dishes in real-time (e.g., pizza night is always good!)
  • Host a live trivia event for prizes and hilarity.
  • Create a company awards show that celebrates the achievements of individual employees, groups, departments―whatever makes sense!
  • Run monthly birthday celebrations where you send the birthday boy/girl a cake and the rest get a small treat from Amazon Fresh.

These activities are amazing for team morale, loosen up a bit, and build relationships beyond the day-to-day activities.

In this article you can find a few more ideas you can implement:

Run webinars for prospects

Through Waahi’s Live session feature, or through one of your offices, you can invite a group of prospects and run a piece of training, live Q&A and even send them to one of the offices after the broadcast to sign up for your product/service on the spot.

You can enable registration through your landing page and have them register as Collaborators.

Running a successful webinar can bring in more leads than any other form of marketing; it builds credibility with prospective clients and offers an opportunity to shape their perception before they do business with you.

It also has the power to be shared by others through word-of-mouth advertising, which is very powerful indeed.

Finally, if well planned out, a live event such as this allows prospects to interact directly with someone within your team to secure the sale on the spot.

Run weekly “Open Office Hours” sessions with your clients

Building a community of loyal clients can do wonders for your business. Getting them into the habit of weekly stand-ups or “office hours” will allow them to get to know you, your product, or service, and will build the trust you need to maintain a long-term relationship.

The client will feel like they are involved in the process, and what you’re doing for them is a collaborative effort. They’ll be excited to participate with your team because it’s something that brings value to their lives.

This helps get clients “in” quicker, as they don’t have any hesitation about working with your company after seeing how easy it was at these meetings!

Send a calendar invite to all your clients on a weekly basis to let them know you’re open and set up your Waahi Landing Page so that they can sign up as collaborators to access the office.

You can even charge them for access to special training by creating tickets and enabling the “Paid Access” option on your landing page.

Encourage team members to customize their offices

For each of your offices, you can customize the name and the Office Logo.

Choose a theme for your offices that fits with what you represent as a company, but also reflects the culture you want to nurture among employees.

Get everyone involved by encouraging customizing individual offices or creating competitions between teams on who can come up with the best design!

Competition is healthy and will increase morale by making people more invested in how their space looks–and it’s fun too!

Keep everything consistent across all desks–stick with colors from within your brand palette or choose complementary ones according to the main Office color that you have set in the “Venue Settings” screen.

Let me know what you think about the above or if you have any other interesting use cases you discovered through your experience with us!

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