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Increase Productivity and Accountability
with Your Own Virtual Office

As more and more teams are going remote, Waahi answers the call to team working and collaboration – Without losing the personal touch.
Claim your personalised video-driven Virtual Office for a unified experience when working as a team and without jumping around between different tools.

Ideal For Connecting Remote Teams

Save 40% or Pay Only ONCE for Life With Our Special Black Friday Sale

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Do you really need a physical office?

Your own interactive platform for all your team gatherings and training that can be customised and fully branded to fit your needs:

Team Based Offices

Build accountability and encourage collaboration with video-based spaces. Together, we work more effectively.


Gather for group meetings in boardrooms. Chair a meeting, announce company news and make decisions based on real time conversations.

Private Offices

Create video rooms where you can network and chat with each other as if you were in the same room.

Internal Training

Invite clients, prospects and partners for training and webinars using the "Stage VS Crowd" live feature.

Knowledge Library

Build an intranet for all your colleagues to catch up on learning and company policy.

Video Library

Nurture a library of easy to access videos, from any source, to inspire and train your team.

Donna Cavalier

It is an absolutely gorgeous experience. Perfectly implemented. It’s just spectacular. Kudos!

Lawrence Ladomery

I love how I’m able to hop in and out of video chats and discuss stuff without jumping between WhatsApp chats and Zoom links!

Take a Short Tour Through Your New Virtual Office

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Waahi brings your team together into 1 space.
Your Company's own Virtual Office:

Without Waahi

You and your team are jumping between tools, sharing links, and trying to bridge communication gaps only to create more of them.

With Waahi

You and your team are working from the same space with all you need to collaborate within reach, inside your own Virtual Office.

How does it work?

Step 1: Choose your components

Build your own space in minutes

Choose and customise the rooms (or “Components”) that are included in your Waahi to craft a unique experience for your colleagues
Choose From:

And more…

Step 2: Craft your registration page and create Access

Your team will register and gain immediate access to your secure virtual office

Access can be given through your team registration page and you can apply user access to registered team members.

You can even invite your clients, prospects and partners for meetings and training.

When ready, push the big red button to launch your virtual office.

Step 3: Run meetings, webinars and get work done!

Video & Chat rooms power your day to day activity, without needing to share another Zoom or Slack link ever again

Like at a physical office, every morning your team and colleagues visit the office, allowing you to work together through the video rooms and form better working relationships.

Keep updating your schedule with activities to engage with your colleagues and strengthen their connection to each other and your brand.

Step 4: Manage your Space

Be the perfect host

While the team are enjoying an unparalleled virtual experience, you can track your activity, members behaviour and moderate the chat communications.

The host panel gives you all the power you need to build, run and grow your team working space so that your Waahi can evolve with your vision and goals.

In this new world order, Waahi is your destination

Get started to explore how Waahi is the place for you to meet, greet, socialise and build communities.

Fully Customisable

Keep your vision and brand at the center of attention with our white label and customisation options.

Zero Commuting

With your own Waahi. The office experience can be yours. No commuting, always on and always connecting.

No Jumping Around

1 platform for a seamless flow throughout your online team working experience.

Save 40% or Pay Only ONCE for Life With Our Special Black Friday Sale and Increase Your Team's Productivity

Forget about your wasteful physical office or jumping between different tools:
Get started now to set up your Virtual Office in minutes.


$99/ Month

$60/ month

Save 40% Compared to the Standard Pricing

For lean teams that need to systemise their online operations and team management.

Big Band

$150/ Month

$90/ month

Save 40% Compared to the Standard Pricing

For growing teams that need to consolidate the work and increase productivity.


$250/ Month

$150/ month

Save 40% Compared to the Standard Pricing

For bigger teams that need to instil company culture within a growing company.

100% Risk Free: 14 Day Money Back Guarantee For All Plans

You can try it for 14 days, invite your team and get to work. And if you don't love it, we'll give you a full refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you join, you’re not starting with a blank canvas – Your office is already set up based on our recommendations so that you can start inviting your team straight away.

As you implement, you will intuitively learn how the system works so that you can customise things to your liking and personalise the experience for you and your team.

Also, we are here to help if you have any questions or suggestions.

The client interface was designed for the least savvy clients in the world. Most agencies currently use between 7-15 different tools to deliver a project (phone, email, zoom, Dropbox, Trello, Screen annotation, Google Docs, Spreadsheets, 3rd party SaaS tools…. and of course, their own website), needing to train the client on each step, or worse, don’t train and expect the client to know what to do at each stage.

This negates the natural learning curve that the client needs to go through during the build and onto the support, resulting in clients being overwhelmed and resist to the system (or lack thereof) defined by the expert. 

Our approach is different. You can train your client with 1 sentence “Please click the + icon and make a request/add your content/give your feedback”.

We even provide swipe copy and video tutorials that you can send your client directly to teach them in 5 minutes how to use our platform.

Every plan has a limited number of team members and “additional collaborators” so that we can predict usage and maintain a high quality of service for all our users.

There are 3 types of users that interact with your virtual office.

Hosts: That would be you and other administrators within your team that have access to everything, including creating new office spaces, adding users and seeing the analytics.

Team Members: The individuals that work within the office. They have access to the different office spaces, broadcasting abilities and creation of new documentation items, without the ability to access the “Host Panel”.

Additional Collaborators: These are clients, prospects, partners or others, that you invite into your virtual office. They can access the different office spaces and watch the webinars you’re broadcasting live from the “crowd” but they can not modify any of the information within your office.

Protection of user data and the integrity of our systems are of utmost importance to us. Both are built with strict security requirements and protocols to secure your data.

You also have the ability to restrict access to your virtual office to “invite only” as well as control the privacy level of different features within the office itself.

That being said, once inside the office, we encourage collaboration and try to maintain a balance between security and accessibility for your team.

You can cancel at any time and the billing will stop at the end of your chosen billing cycle (monthly/yearly).

We also offer 30 days money-back guarantee if you tried our system and don’t believe it can bring value to your business and team.

We will ask you 1 question: “Why?” so that we can learn from your experience.

Yes! We’re a collaboration platform so it’s only natural that we’d take our support very seriously – And we do!

You can reach out to us directly from within your Host Panel.

Plus, you can always pop a question into our Facebook group and either us or other users will be happy to help.

Implementing any new system within your business might create pushback. It’s your role to enforce, get them going and help them see the real power that our solution will bring to their lives.
It’s like a child that never heard “no” – When you first create order in the chaos and don’t allow candy before dinner, they might cry for a bit, but once they get going they will see that you’re doing this for their own good and love you for it.
Also, we offer 30 days to check and decide if our solution is right for you. If you feel that it isn’t, we will issue a full refund.
We will also encourage you to reach out to us so that we can get you and your team unstuck and make sure you implement properly and enjoy the same results as the other teams we’re serving.

Of course.

You can upgrade to any plan, whatever works for you.

If you would like to downgrade, that is also an option (although if you are losing team members, you can book a call with us and we’ll see how we can help you).

We accept all the major credit cards & debit cards.

All payments are processed securely through Stripe and we do not save your card details internally.

Simple Google searches will give you the same results.

We checked against standards and averages within the US to quantify the impact that our solution can bring to your business compared to a conventional physical office and compared to other tools that are found on the market.

Save $3,715.95 Per Month + Increase Productivity

(Save $44,789.40 Per Year)

Quintet Plan

Total = $99/month $60/month

Physical Office Space

$300+/month per employee (Brick & Mortar)

Operating Expenses

$400+/month per employee (Fees, power, maintenance, wifi, equipment...)

Daily Commute

$14+/month per employee (Fuel/Public Transport)

Zoom Pro

$11.99/month per user (Video Calls)

Slack Standard

$8/month per user (Team Chat)

Zendesk Docs

$29/month per user (Internal Knowledgebase)

Your Sanity

Priceless. (For you and your team)

Total Cost: $3,814.95/month
for 5 team members

The jumping around between tools, is free.

Your Virtual Office Components

Build your virtual office with our unique components which allow you to build your own virtual space within minutes.

Main Hall

The main entry and access point of the rooms you enabled within your space. Kind of like your office Lobby.

Live Sessions

Broadcast Live to different rooms within your space where attendees watch. Similar to "stages & crowd sitting" set up.

Private Messaging

Allowing members to message and share files with each other privately. Imagine your own Facebook Messanger.

Video Hangouts

Members can visit rooms to join different video calls. For example "the bar/lounge" or different offices & boardrooms.

Learning & Discussions

Build a library of topics to document and include resources. Members can also contribute and join conversations.

Video Directories

Embed videos from YouTube, Vimeo and Wistia to create a library of on-demand content. Like a library room or study.

Private registation

Allow authorized members to join at different levels. This is your gateway to your virtual office

Partners & Offers

Showcase your partners or share special offers or links with your members. This is a kind of an interactive bulletin board.

Live Chat

For those too shy to appear on video, they can join the conversation via the live chat that appears next to every video call.

Your Own Domain

You can brand and white label everything, you can even connect your own domain. Choosing your space's address.

Take control

Integrate your Waahi into your Day to Day working practices to increase productivity, connections with colleagues and ensure your company works towards building community.

Advanced Analytics

Perform data-driven decisions with advanced analytics and reports to increase engagement within your space.

Limited Spots Availalble

We will notify you when we are ready for you – No obligations or long term contracts.

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