Working from a physical office is expensive and really, doesn't make sense anymore...

Waahi distils the benefits of working from a shared environment, and through technology, combines it with the flexibility and economical value of working from home in a simplified and intuitive experience.

Hey! I'm Vito

I started building my remote team back in 2015 from the back of a van while touring the world as the leader of a rock band. As the team grew I settled in London, UK and replaced the band with a team of 12 for my website agency, working with clients and colleagues from around the world. 

Through my experience delivering hundreds of websites and software projects to clients, I created a platform for web freelancers and agencies to better manage their projects and collaborate with their clients under the name Atarim
This allowed me to scale further, serve thousands of clients and expand my remote team leadership experience.

Hey! I'm Dorin

My beginning in IT industry was in 2003 with my computer shop. After 12 years I transitioned to online businesses building websites and software for customers in US and Europe accumulating experience.

Fast forward to 2019 I founded a platform for online courses and content creators GridFunnels which offers the clients an online business in box solution.

Now, together with Vito we are bringing you Waahi, an innovative approach for your day to day “Virtual Office” needs that will transform the way you work from now on.

But something was missing.

The more we grew the harder it became to keep track of the team and to nurture the positive culture I wanted to instil within my company. 

We needed an environment that will unify the work and help us connect to each other on a professional and personal level.

That is when my team and I created Waahi as a platform for collaborating internally, centralise all the resources and knowledge we needed to run the day to day operations and moving from a group of individuals that are working from home to a well-oiled machine that moves together as one.

I’m excited to invite you to experience the incredible transformation that our revolutionary “virtual office” concept can bring to your business and team!

Working from an office is so 2019...

We are on a mission to change the way we all work from home and help the rapidly-growing remote workforce collaborate, stay connected and work as part of a team.

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